Forex Trading Strategi

Behavioral Forex is a system that is based on real time psychological perception of all of the market participants, together with cutting edge non-lagging technical, and fundamental analysis elements. - The Behavioral Forex trading system is made up of three elements. - The first element is the Behavioral Bias Point Count indicator - it tells you WHEN to enter a trade. - The second element is the Anticipated Volatility It is a second generation technical indicator that tells you WHERE to place your stop loss and take profit values. - The third element is the Fundamental Bias It is a real time fundamental analysis filter that confirms WHETHER you should make a given trade. 
Identify The Trend With Precise Timing And Extract Maximum Profit From Every Single Trade...

There are only two kinds of traders. Winners. ...and Losers.
Ninety five out of one hundred don't make it in this field.
For their failure they blame everyone but themselves.
Wrong. There is only one person to blame.

This course is about joining five in a hundred.
It's about winning.

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